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Scientific Consortium

in pursuit
of cures
Immtech has alliances with a group of talented and dedicated scientists who have spent their careers in pursuit of cures for infectious diseases.

Immtech Pharmaceuticals has an alliance with a consortium of universities and research
institute laboratories. This gives us access to accomplished scientists and development
teams whose members contribute to the discovery and development of compounds in our
medicinal chemistry library.

Two of our most widely published and respected lead scientists, Dr. Richard Tidwell and
Dr. David Boykin, have attracted a cadre of other renowned scientists to the consortium.
Together, they offer a depth of research knowledge and capabilities rivaled only by large,
multifaceted pharmaceutical companies.

Our scientists include:

Richard R. Tidwell, PhD
Head of Research
Director of the Research Consortium,
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

David W. Boykin, PhD
Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Chemistry,
Georgia State University

Byron L. Blagburn, PhD
Alumni Professor
Department of Pathobiology
Auburn University

Christine C. Dykstra, PhD
Associate Professor
Pathobiology Department
Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Scott M. Franzblau, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Franzblau received his B.S. degree in Biology from Rutgers University
and his M.S. and PhD degrees in Microbiology from the University of
Arizona. He has had post-doctoral research experience at the Kurume
University School of Medicine in Japan, and began his work on the
microbiology of Mycobacterium leprae at the Hansen's Disease Center in
Carville, Louisiana. He is currently the director of the Institute for Tuberculosis
Research, College of Pharmacology, and University of Illinois at Chicago.
His research accomplishments include development of in vitro
radiorespirometric systems for drug susceptibility of M. leprae, the
identification of clarithromycin and sparfloxacin as lead candidate drugs for
the treatment of leprosy and the development of microplate-based screening
assays for tuberculosis.

James E. Hall, PhD
Associate Professor
UNC-CH School of Medicine

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